Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Shopping in London

When I read about how busy study abroad programs were, I definitely underestimated just how crazy they could get. I feel like I haven't had a moment to breath, let alone sit down and write a blog post or edit a video. I have so many photos on my camera that I need to edit and export in order to do blog posts, but I'll be leaving for Spain on Saturday, so at least I'll have time to do a lot of that then. My time here in London has flown by!

I was able to snap a couple of photos of some stuff that I've bought so far, so I thought I would share that with you guys, because I've got some good things that I'm excited to use!

One thing I was extremely excited for upon going to London, was going to a Ted Baker store! I absolutely love Ted Baker, it's probably my favorite designer brand, and once I walked into the store I saw this beauty and knew I had to have it. I have a pink Ted Baker bag that is a bit bulky and doesn't really go with everything, so I have been wanting to get a more neutral one, anyway. This little guy was also 50% off, so it was definitely a steal! I am a little worried about it being white, but Nordstrom has some really great handbag wipes that I will probably be investing in to keep it pristine white.

 I love the gold details everywhere! And the little bow is absolutely adorable, and not gaudy at all.

Another thing I was super excited for was to be able to buy Zoella Beauty products! We don't have them in the States, so I really wanted to get a couple while I was here. I'm waiting to try them out until I get home, so I'll be doing a review later this summer on them! I might have to run back to Boots and get a couple more products to try out... I was really excited for this bath fizzer because it seems like a lot of fun, and the packaging is so adorable.

 I honestly got this product just because the packaging is so adorable and different. I really actually do love bath salts, though, so I'm sure I'll enjoy this product a lot.

This is the Diamond perfume from Armani, and it was 50% off when I bought it as well! I definitely lucked out. This stuff smells so amazing, and it will be perfect to use back home because the smell will remind me of London. I really want to get one from Spain to remember it by as well! I love bringing new perfume on vacation just for that reason.

 Okay, can I just talk about my love for Primark for a minute? It is such a great store, and has wonderful prices on everything! I was in the need of a plain black leather jacket to go with everything, and I walked in and saw this lovely thing for 14 pounds! It was seriously a steal, and I will definitely be going back before I leave London to go buy some things.

I just had to get a couple of onesies while here since my cousin just had her twin boys! They are so adorable, and I know she'll love them because they aren't too tacky at all. The material is also super soft, so I'm sure they'll be perfect for their little newborn skin!

I got another one in a different print, since I'm sure they'll already have a lot of matching clothes.

Also, a side note on some great places to go shopping in London: Covent Garden, Camden Market, Oxford Street, and Soho area are all great places to go!

Alright, well those are a couple of things I've bought while here in London! I plan on going shopping one more time, so I might have another haul going up sometime next week. I'm so sad that my time in London is coming to a close, because I have definitely fallen in love with this city! I really don't want to leave, but I know that I'll have a blast in Spain as well.

Have you bought anything lately?

Thank you so much for reading, and have a wonderful day! :)


  1. Omg that bag!! Gorgeous! & those onesies are too cute! Can't believe you're already heading for Spain soon!

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. Thank you! :) And yeah I can't believe how quickly it went by!!!

  2. Oh, I'd love to go shopping in London! That bag is gorgeous, and I've always wanted to try Zoella beauty products!