Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DIY Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher

I have been on Etsy so much lately looking at room decor, and everything else really. You can find some really adorable things on Etsy, and it's super fun to just browse around! While I was looking the other day, I came across a really cool crescent moon dreamcatcher. I have always loved dreamcatchers, and have had a lot through the years. When I saw this one, I knew I wanted to make one like it! I absolutely love DIY-ing, so I really wanted to make one rather than buy it, especially since I knew I could simply make one myself.

I made a video about this on my channel, and I definitely recommend watching it if you make it, since it's usually easier to follow along with video instructions!

Here is all that you will need for this DIY (side note: I got everything from Michaels just to keep this easy! This post is in no way sponsored by them, however!)

 I used the twine to wrap around the metal loop, and the mini rope to make the long strings that hang off of the dreamcatcher.

 I used these metal loops for the base of the dreamcatcher, which my dad cut down for me to create the crescent moon shape. You could also use these wooden ones if you'd like!

 How pretty are these feathers?! I saw them and knew I had to use them for this DIY.

 I also got these feathers since they are nice and fluffy and large. I also like the natural color that they add to the dreamcatcher since a lot of the pieces are white!

 Here is the metal rod cut to the crescent shape!

 I have been obsessed with Michaels stone and crystal collection they've had in the jewelry section! Everything is seriously so gorgeous, it was so hard to choose which crystal pendants to get. I have this really nerdy rock collection, so the inner rock geek in me was crying when I saw all of the stones.

 I got this really pretty shimmery embroidery floss for the web part of the dreamcatcher, and I think it ended up looking so cool! I love how it's basically a dark copper color, and it really added a cool dimension to the web, especially since they can be kind of bland sometimes.

 Here's a nifty action shot of my dad cutting the metal. He was very proud of himself for making it on the blog, ya'll (he didn't realize he wasn't actually in the shot...poor guy).

These are the little clippers my dad used to cut the metal!

Let's get started with the actual process:

To get the beginning of the twine to actually stay on the metal, I used a hot glue gun (I completely forgot to take a picture of it, sorry!) to glue the end of the twine down. After it was dry and the twine was secure, I went ahead and started to wrap the twine tightly around the metal.

I first quickly wrapped the twine, and then went back and pushed it all together more.

Once I hit the end of the metal, I did the exact same gluing process as the beginning!

For the strings that hang down, I decided to do slip knots. I first pulled off how much I wanted from the spool, and then doubled it back up it's length so both sides where the same size. After you have one long string folded in half basically, grab just below the part where it is folded in half.

Fold the loop back behind the base (the metal rod covered in twine).

 Put your fingers through the loop, and pull both lengths completely through the loop.

This is how it should look after you pull the whole thing through the loop.

Tighten up the knot, and situate it how you want!

Keep going until you have as many knots you want! I went for eight in total.

Okay, now time for the web! This is the time I definitely suggest watching the video to see exactly how this is done. I completely forgot to picture this on the first "layer" of the web, but it's exactly the same process. To start it off, wrap the string around the base about five times, or however many you think it takes to anchor it tightly, and tie it off. So take the tale of the string and fold it to the right of the base, or in this case the second "layer" of the string.

Pull the tale over the second layer. You will see a kind of loop form, especially if you are on the second layer.

Pull the whole tale back through the loop.

Pull it tight, and make sure to try and keep it tight to make the next layer! I found this whole process to be pretty tricky at first, so you just have to remain patient, and it may take you a couple of tries to get it down. I had to start over completely twice! My web definitely isn't perfect, but I like how it looked, anyway. After you are done with the first layer, flip the whole base over so it mirrors how it was initially, and just keep going through the same process over and over, in order to get the number of layers that you want. I believe I did four! After you are done with the final layer, take whatever tail you have left over, wrap it around the end of the base and tie it off!

Now it's time for the fun part - decoration! My parents had this copper wire hanging around that I decided to put around some of the string (you can also find this at stores like Home Depot if your parents don't just happen to have some haha), and I absolutely love how it turned out. To keep the feathers on, I hot glued them to the strings, and tied the string around them to make it appear as though I had tied them on rather than glued them on.

Here's how everything turned out! I love how the gold feathers look with the more natural ones.

The crystals really add a lot as well!

I couldn't be happier with how this dreamcatcher turned out!

You all know how much I love DIY's, and this one was so much fun. I really hope you guys make this, and if you do, let me know on Instagram and Twitter!

Thank you so much for reading, and have a wonderful day! :)


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