Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Recap: Being a Tourist in my Own City | Yoga in Chihuly

This past weekend was incredibly busy. I had work every day, and also a ton of other things to do. Even though it was very busy, I ended up really enjoying myself! Friday was spent doing homework during the day, since I have finals coming up, and then I had work that evening. On Saturday, I woke up bright and early (we're talking 6 A.M.) to go to yoga in Chihuly Garden and Glass here in Seattle! My roommate and I bought tickets a while ago since we both love yoga, and it was so much fun. Core Power Yoga put the whole event on, and they are known for giving incredible classes. It was so awesome to be able to do yoga in a huge room with a giant structure of glass flowers hanging overhead!
For those of you who don't know, I go to school in Seattle, and I've really been wanting to blog more about "being a tourist in my own city" because there are so many incredible things to do in Seattle! I am not from Seattle, so it's a lot of fun to go on adventures around the city, and experience all that I can. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start this series! Chihuly Garden and Glass is essentially a museum of beautiful structures made of glass. Most of the structures represent plants of some sort, and it was truly incredible to look at all of them. Along with getting to do yoga there, we got to look around the museum! Here are some photos:

This was part of the ceiling of one of the rooms!

This is the room where we did yoga!

As you can see, the museum is right under the Space Needle.

It ended up being really sunny, so the light looked gorgeous through the glass!

All of these pieces are so intricate and unique.

The whole experience was so cool, and my roommate and I ended up having a lot of fun! It was really cool to do yoga in a place that you don't usually do it, so the change of perspective was really refreshing. There were people at all kinds of different levels in their practice, so it was something that anyone could do! I think that's one thing that I love about yoga; no one is yelling at you to be better, or telling you you have to do things a certain way. Yoga is up for interpretation (as long as it isn't harming your body, of course!), and there is absolutely no pressure to be perfect.
After yoga in the morning, I had work all day until 4. I went home for the night, because my aunt and one of my cousins came into town to see our new property! I mentioned briefly on my blog that my family moved this past summer, but I didn't say anything else about it. Most of my family hasn't seen the new place yet, so it was really fun for my aunt and cousin to come up and see it! Our family that now lives close to us also came over, so Sunday was spent with the family, which was really nice. I have been so stressed out lately due to the impending doom of finals, so it was great to be able to spend some time with my family, and especially my dogs and cats. Speaking of which, here's a cute picture of one of our dogs and cats!

Even though I was only home for less than 24 hours, it was great to get a relaxing start to the week. This week is dead week, but I actually have all of my finals before the real finals week. That means lots of stress and studying in the next couple of days, but at least spring break is close!

What did you do this past weekend?

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day! :)


  1. Wow that place looks awesome!! I've never tried yoga before but it looks fun!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. You should really give it a try, it's so much fun and very relaxing! :)

  2. Great post! Love your blog.