Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ten Things To Do This Summer!

Summer has officially started, and I can't explain how excited I am! I'm so ready for sunshine, heat, and fun with friends! It's been super nice just relaxing and not worrying about school, but I'm getting kind of tired of doing absolutely nothing. Since I want to have more fun (and I'm sure you do too!), I thought of ten things you could do this summer!

1. Go to the beach
This is so much fun to do with friends, and you even get to take a mini road trip (depending on how far away you are from the beach). This is one of my favorite things to do in the summer because I absolutely love the sea and the beach. Plus, the beach is usually a little bit cooler, so if it's a really hot day just go to the beach and cool off!

2. Go to the river
If you don't live by a beach, chances are there's a river near by! This is great in the summer because you can just float in the river on an inner tube, or just swim around and cool off! Again, going to the river is great on a hot day because you can just jump in the water and you're instantly cool.

3. Go take a hike
Hiking is something that is so fun and also great for you! The views are always so breathtaking, and once you reach the top, the whole hike is so worth it! It may be hard at times but just keep trying to imagine the ending. I also really love hiking to a water source, like a waterfall or watering hole so you can jump in the water after the hike up! 

4. Go on a picnic
Picnics are so much fun because you can go to a cute little park with a blanket, basket, and friends, and eat some really fresh food! My favorite foods for picnics are salads, potato salads, melons, berries, sandwiches, fruits, and vegetables! Even taking some snacks to eat at a park is really fun, because you get to enjoy nature and good company.

5. Watch the sunrise or sunset
This is another personal favorite of mine, because the time right before the sunrise, and right after the sunset are my favorites! It just seems like the world takes a little pause, and everything's waiting for the sun. I also really love sunrise hikes! They are so rewarding because you hike up to the top of a mountain, or wherever you go, and get to watch the sunrise! It's also really fun to pack a light breakfast and eat it while you watch the sun.

6. Go to the movies to cool off
When it's super hot, sometimes it's just nice to go to the movies and cool off while you watch a good movie. I really enjoy going to the movie theaters, and it's always even better when you go when it's really warm because you get to be nice and cool! Some towns also have fun movies in the park, or drive in movies, so you should definitely check those out!

7. Go out for ice cream
Ice cream is probably my favorite dessert, especially during the summer heat! It's so much fun to go out to a cute little ice cream shop with friends on a hot day to enjoy some nice cold treats. Quirky little shops are even more fun to go to, so make sure to look those up in your area!

8. Go to an amusement park
Even if you don't live near places like Disneyland, there's probably a smaller amusement park near you, or a little summer fair going on! These are so much fun in the summer because there are cute little carnival rides and booths. State fairs (if you're in the United States) are also so much fun to go to at the end of summer, and there are countless carnivals that go on during the beginning and middle of summer!

9. Go to a pool
Something that's really fun during the summer is laying out by a pool, and swimming in one to cool off! Simply hanging out with friends in a pool is so much fun, and even indoor aquatic parks are a lot of fun! This is a great thing to do, again, when it's warm so you can just cool off and have a good time!

10. Go on a road trip
Road trips are so much fun during the summer, especially when you're going to a cool destination! It doesn't have to be to somewhere super grand like Disneyworld - just a simple trip with friends is really fun! There's just something so exciting about packing lots of road trip snacks, making fun throwback playlists to listen to, and enjoying time with friends in a car.

Alright, well those are ten ideas I had in order to have fun this summer! I want this summer to be the best one yet, which is a goal I seem to have every summer. If you try to make all of your summers the best, though, you end up with a slew of summer adventures that you can fondly look back on.

I also made a video about this on my YouTube channel, and I'm really proud of how it turned out! :)

Do you have any fun plans for this summer?

Thank you so much for reading, and have a wonderful day! :)


  1. I wish I could JUST spend my whole summer by beach, ugh! I've already been to two trips and there are more coming. Summer time is all about enjoying the little bits of life we usually intend to ignore.

    1. I know, right! That would be so much fun to just have a nice summer beach house haha. And yeah, it really is! :)

  2. good job on your video!! :) and basically my only thing to do this summer is POOL! haha I loveee swimming so much and I can always use a tan. I should branch out and try other things on your list!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. Thank you! Hanging out by the pool is seriously so much fun! :)