Monday, March 30, 2015

DIY: Watercolor Shoes

Here lately, I have been absolutely loving everything watercolor! I think it's so pretty for spring and summer (or just anytime), and the pastel color combinations are so beautiful. Because of my newfound obsession, I decided to do DIY watercolor shoes that are "painted" with fabric dye!

I am so happy with how they turned out!! They are going to be so perfect for spring, and I can't wait to wear them with all of my dresses and skirts! They are also so comfortable, so they'll be a great everyday shoe.
Without further ado, let's get into how I made these puppies!

For this project you will need:
-White canvas shoes (I got mine from Walmart for $5!)
-Fabric dye in whatever color you want
-Small plastic cups
-Painting sponges

 Mix all of the dyes by filling the cups halfway with warm water. You really don't need a lot of dye; just enough to make the water look dark! I ended up putting too much blue dye in the water, so I just watered it down a bit!

 Here's what my purple dye looked like.

 And here's how the pink looked! I did have to put quite a bit more pink in the water to color it just how I wanted.

 Test out the dyes on a paper towel to make sure you are satisfied with the colors! This is very important because there is no turning back once you start to put the colors on the shoes.

 Start out by making spots with the color that is the darkest (or the one you want to be the "main" color).

 Make sure to make the dots all around the shoe, and don't forget the laces!

 Once you are satisfied with the number of spots, start putting the second darkest color next to the first. Repeat this process until all of the first spots have little buddies!

 Using the lightest color, make spots on the other side of the darkest color. Repeat this process, and fill in with the other two colors as you feel necessary. I did leave some white space in the end, but the shoes are basically covered with color! I just repeated this process over and over until I was satisfied.

 The finished shoes!

I am so happy with how they turned out - I have been wanting a pair of shoes like this for so long, and they were so much fun (and easy!) to make!

Here is my YouTube video on how to make them - it might be a little easier to follow since you can actually see how I made them!

If you guys make these, make sure to show me on Twitter and Instagram - I would love to see them!

Thank you so much for reading, and have a wonderful day! :)


  1. soo cutee!! oooo I want to watercolor a shirt or something. I'm not sure if it would work though if I washed it and stuff.. hmm

    1. I know right! They have dye set so I wonder if that would work.....

  2. Thank you for sharing how to make them! They're so lovely. :)

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  3. Sweet idea! Love them!

  4. Cute post - shoes look great! <3

    I have a new outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  5. Those shoes are absolutely adorable and easy!!!


  6. Love a good DIY post! These look amazing! So spring ready and look lovely with your cold shoulder romper!
    Sophie Jenner

  7. I always look forward to DIY posts. This is a great idea. Though I wish it's a little more colorful.

    Jessica |

    1. Yeah I definitely wanted them to be really light and pastel looking :)