Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Work Space

I came across a company called WeWork, a coworking company, which basically provides space and a community for creators! They have a really cool concept, so that inspired me to do a post about my own work space! I also recently did a dorm room tour on my YouTube channel, so I'll link that at the end, too! :)

So this is what my desk looks like as a whole! I do my homework here, and a lot of my writing for blog posts here as well!

 Here's a closer view of underneath the shelf.

 Here's my little fox plant holder! Sadly, there is no plant in it anymore because it died...

 I absolutely adore my little pencil and pen holder!

 Another closer look underneath the shelf!

 My little desk shelf is also home to my beta fish, Khaleesi! She is a "dragon scale beta," so for all of you Game of Throne fans out there, you get the reference!

 This calendar is on the wall adjacent to my desk, so I can keep track of important dates!

 This is a quote that's also on the wall next to my desk! I got it as a graduation present from my parents, and I love it so much! It's a great reminder to keep working hard at the things I love :)

 This quote is on the wall as well! Haha it was actually a graduation from my gift from my parents as well...

 This little cozy corner is my bed! I actually end up doing a lot of my homework on my bed when it's been a long day, and I just need to curl up with my Pooh Bear pillow pet :) I also edit a lot of my YouTube videos on my bed!

 Here's a closer look at "the wall," as my friends call it haha.

My little cozy corner :)

Alright, there you have it - my work space and dorm room tour! :) I'm really proud of how my dorm room turned out this year, so I hope you guys like it too!

What's your favorite part of your room?

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a great day! :)


  1. Your room looks so lovely with all the photos and fairy lights. I've been meaning to get some instagram pictures printed but never get round to it. This is definitely motivating thought because it looks so nice! Very cute plant pot and your fish is so pretty! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. Aw thank you so much! :) Yeah I love having all of the photos hanging on my wall, it makes my room feel so much more homey!

  2. Your style is amazing and your room looks so cosy. I love the fairy lights around the photos xxx

  3. Love your wall!!


  4. Your dorm room is literally a dream! Your wall, holy moly tumblr should be knocking on your door with a wall like that ahahah! Hope your well! loved your youtube video too,

    Gina xx

  5. I love it all! looks amazing xx

  6. i adored it! lovely
    specially the fox plant holder, you can use it as a pencil holder i think!

    1. Thank you! :) And actually it's a lot smaller in person haha so I'm just using it as a little decoration :)

  7. Your room looks so cozy!
    I love the lights and all those photos around the bed
    I also love that little plant pot, so cute!

  8. lovely work place ! I love the little fox mug thing cute

    I am following you now :)

  9. wow your room is amazing, i wish mine looked that awesome! I love 'the wall' with all the fairy lights and photos, it makes it so personal to you and it looks so nice! i also love the fox plant pot because foxes are my favourite animal haha :)