Sunday, January 25, 2015

Book Haul!

For Christmas this year, pretty much everyone in my family got me a gift card to Barnes and Noble, and I was pretty much in heaven. Needless to say, I went to Barnes and Noble the day after Christmas to buy some books, so I thought I would share with you guys all of the books I got!

 Once I got the gift cards, I immediately went onto my Goodreads account, and checked my "to-read" book list so I could decide which books I should get. These are all of the books I've been wanting to read for a little while, and also a few that I saw in the store that looked really good!

This book is about a world in which children who got a sickness develop strange powers years later, and are viewed as evil by society. The main character, Adelina, is a girl from a rich family, but looked down upon by society because she survived the fever and had silver hair afterwards. The children who survive the fever have a marking of some sort, but not all of them develop powers. Adelina believes that she doesn't have any powers but is proved wrong one day, and is taken in by a group called the Young Elites. This group is made up of young adults who have developed very large powers from the fever, and who fight back against the crown, which wants all of these survivors dead. I am actually almost done with this book, and I have loved it so far!

This book is the sequel to Defy, and ohmygosh is it good! I really love this series, and this book is definitely as good as the first. Ignite again follows Alexa and Damian, and this time there is a threat against their kingdom from people they thought were their allies. Betrayal, love, and suspense are again big themes in this book, and I ended up finishing it in two days! I don't know what it is about Sara B. Larson's writing, but it is just so good! I really recommend that everyone read this series because you will love it!

I have heard so much about this book, so I'm really excited to get started with reading it. The main premise behind this book is rich kids going to an island, and getting caught up in lies and accidents. I hope that this book lives up to all of the hype surrounding it, because it sounds like an interesting read!

This book is set in the future, and follows two main characters who get stuck on a foreign planet when their spaceship crashes. They seem to be the only survivors of the crash, and they don't encounter anyone on the planet. The two, Lilac and Tarver, come from opposite backgrounds; Lilac's family is extremely wealthy, while Tarver comes from nothing. However, these two have to work together since they are alone in order to find help on the planet.
I haven't started this book yet, but I'm really excited to because I've heard great things!

This book is the sequel to If I Stay, so I don't really want to give too much away, as some people haven't read the book and probably want to since the movie came out last year. It simply follows the characters from the first book, and meets up with them a couple of years later after the accident in the first book. I'm suuuuper excited to read this book, because I absolutely adored the first one.

I feel as though this book really needs no introduction, since most people have probably a) heard of it, or b) read it already. It's written by Blogger and Vlogger Zoe Sugg (Zoella), and is about a girl who is struggling with anxiety after being in a car crash. Her family decides to go to New York for the holidays, and there she meets a boy who changes her outlook on a lot of things.
I'm also really interested in reading this book because there has been a lot of good and bad press surrounding it. I'll be doing a post on what I think about the whole thing - book and rumors - after I have read it.

I can't wait to finish all of these books! I'm back at school now so it's a little hard trying to find time to read for fun, but I am trying!

What books have you guys been reading?

Thank you so much for reading, and have a great day! :)


  1. I absolutely loved Where She Went, it was even better than If I Stay in my opinion. I really enjoyed We Were Liars as well. :) Happy reading!

    1. Yay ok even more excited to read it now! :)

  2. These sounds really good and I'm looking forward to your post on Girl Online. I haven't read it yet and wasn't sure if I wanted to so will be good to hear what you have to say x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  3. We Were Liars sounds really up my street! At the moment I'm itching to read The Girl on the Train - it's being hailed as the 'new Gone Girl'!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  4. I have been meaning to buy Girl Online, it sounds like a great book! The next chance I get I will definitely be looking at some of the books you mentioned! Great post!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

    1. Yeah you should definitely get it! And thanks! :)

  5. I really really really want to read The Young Elites !! I loved Marie Lu's previous trilogy, and Adelina sounds like an incredible kickass character!! *-* Also These broken stars. I want to read that one as well!!!

    Ps. I have a blog as well, if you want to stop by I'd appreciate it so much! It's both in Italian and in English :3 ->

    1. Yeah she honestly is!!
      I'll check it out! :)