Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gift Ideas For Friends

Blogmas Day Four!

As a continuation of my post yesterday (Gift Ideas For Family), today I'll be sharing with you guys some gift ideas I have for friends! 

For Your Best Friend
Okay, so while these bracelets might be a little bit cheesy, I actually think they're really cute and simple!

(One says "best friends" and the other says "till the end." Find them here!)
I think they're a very classy version of those silly matching bracelets you would get as a kid for your you and your best friends to wear everywhere. These are a great present, too, if you and your best friend go to different schools that are farther away.

For Your Jewelry-Loving Friends

I don't know if it's just my friends who love watches, but they're always a solid go-to for my friends who love jewelry!

These drop necklaces have also gotten really popular, and I think they can really add a lot to a simple outfit, so this would also be a great gift, too!

For Your Beauty-Loving Friends

Sephora has great gift sets for not a lot of money (both of these are around $20!), so those are great options for friends who are really into beauty items.

For Your Book-Loving Friends
Honestly, as an avid reader, I would love to receive my friend's favorite books as gifts. I think that's a really cool thing to give someone, because it allows you both to get to know each other more, and for the other person to read a great book!

You can also never go wrong with a journal!

Well, these are the gift ideas I have for friends, and hopefully it helped! It's definitely helped me to actually sit down and think about what I would get for my friends, because I still need to go shopping...

What are some gifts you usually get your friends?

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day! :)