Friday, August 22, 2014

New Hair!

I've been thinking about changing up my hair for a while now, and I thought now would be the perfect time since I'll be going to college in about a month! I want to have a fresh start this fall, so this is a great start! 
Two of my dogs (Miki on the left and Z on the right). They love sneaking into pictures!

I really wanted to get auburn in my hair, but I didn't want the change to be too drastic or look really unnatural, so I asked for a balyage look but with red instead of a blonder shade. I'm super happy with the result! I think it adds a little more depth to my hair and I love all the different shades and how gradual it is. 

I really like the front as well - my hair stylist put a couple of red strands higher up to frame my face so I feel like that really finishes off my hair. I feel like the color change isn't too drastic from the front either, which I really love!

Overall, I'm so happy with how it turned out and I'm really glad I decided to put some red in my hair! I was pretty nervous about it, and it took me so long to finally decide to color it. I'm a super indecisive person and change really scares me, but I thought what the heck, I'm only 18 and I'm going to college so I might as well change my hair - it just makes me even more excited to start this new chapter in my life!

What would you do to your hair if you knew you would have no regrets afterwards?

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a great day! :)


  1. Your new hair looks so good!
    I would love to stay in touch with you, so if you want to follow each other on google (GFC) and bloglovin, please let me know! x

  2. I LOVE the colour! You have really nice hair xx


  3. Your hair is soooo pretty! I love the auburn color :)

  4. This colour really suits you. I would dye my whole hair to red, if I knew it would look good on me. Great post.


    1. Thank you! Yeah I am super tempted to just dye it all red but it's so scary! Haha for now I'll just stick to this, but I might just do all of it in the future.

  5. I think you are a lovely girl and the new hair change
    suits you c: I also love your skirt! Xx

  6. This colour looks amazing on you and looks really natural. Going red was definitely a good idea xxx

  7. Hair and outfit are fab!