Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review: Boscia B.B. Cream

Hey guys!
So I have been using the Dr. Jart water infused BB cream for over a year now, and I have bought several tubes of it. However, this last time when I was about out, I decided to try a different BB cream for a couple of different reasons: my skin has been kind of dull lately, and I have noticed a couple of little red bumps on my face that have showed up recently. While I have loved this BB cream for a long time, I think my skin just needed to switch things up.
Because of this, I decided to sample a couple of BB creams, and finally decided on the one from Boscia (I didn't know this brand is pronounced like bow- (as in hair bow) shuh, and had been pronouncing it like boss-kia this whole time, hahaha oops). There's a higher SPF in the BB cream from Dr. Jart so I think that might've contributed to the little red bumps, because my skin is suuuper  sensitive and I always get rashes from regular sunscreen, so I have to wear baby sunscreen. Talk about embarrassing. Anyway, I have noticed that I have fewer red bumps now that I've been using the Boscia BB cream for a little while.

So far, I have really been loving this! It makes my skin look really glowy, which is perfect for summer. It does have a slight shimmer in it, so if you don't like that, I wouldn't recommend it for you. I have dry, sensitive skin, and so far (knock on wood) this hasn't given me a rash or broke me out. I love that it has SPF 27, because I have pale skin that does not take well to the sun when unprotected (we're talking like beet red sunburns if I don't wear sunscreen). My skin has also felt really soft, and honestly feels better once I have worn this all day. It's supposed to make your skin feel great, and so far it has. I am a huge fan!

It also matches my skin really well, and blends in easily. It lasts all day, even after a full day of work! I really love it, and think I've found my new favorite BB cream for the summer. It hasn't gotten super hot yet where I live, so we'll see how it stands with the weather, but it does get pretty warm where I work (my parents' baker) so I think it'll do just fine.

Do you use a BB cream? If so, what's your favorite one?

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day! :)


  1. Very nice review hun!
    You are so pretty girl! Love your makeup~ ,3

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  2. So awesome that this BB cream lasts the whole day! Glad you found one that works well :)

  3. I use BB cream all the time,because my skin is kind of in good condition.
    You look really lovely.

    1. Aw thank you! And yeah I absolutely love BB cream.

  4. I love BB creams for summer, might have to give this one a go - looks really nice on you!

    - ellabellemin

    1. Yeah, you should definitely try it! :) and thank you!