Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Break Haul

Hey guys!
So it is FINALLY spring break! Even though I only had a three day week of school, it was so stressful because I had so many tests and I had a speech final for one of my classes that had me pretty nervous. But it is all over! I only have a little bit of homework for spring break so I'm super lucky for that. I really want to have a great spring break this year since it's my last one of high school. So since yesterday was the first official day of spring break, I went shopping with my friends and I thought I would share with you guys what I bought! I hadn't been shopping in forever, so I was super excited to go!

From H&M
I thought this hair bow was absolutely adorable; I love putting them in my hair when I'm wearing a bun, and I thought this one would be perfect for spring. It is really structured and a nice suede texture.
Also from H&M
When I'm in a rush in the mornings and don't have time to fix my hair, I tend to just throw my hair up in a ponytail, so I thought these would be really great to get so it actually looks like I tried a little bit with my hair!
I also got these bows for basically free (I only had to pay like $2!) because I had a $6 gift for H&M from the app Wrapp! You should definitely check it out because you can get some awesome deals there! And it's free!

I get this from Sephora
I ran out of this because I had the smaller size, so I just got the full size. I love this face mask! I try to use it every Sunday because it's such a great stress reliever haha I always feel so much better after my face is all cleansed.

This is from Pacsun, but it's Brandy Melville
I love this sweatshirt!! It's super soft and pretty thin so it'll be perfect for the summer. I love wearing long sleeve shirts with shorts on summer nights haha I don't know what it is. And this is my first piece of clothing from Brandy! I've been lusting over Brandy Melville clothes and was super excited to see this was on sale (it was originally $37 but I got it for $8.99!!!) so I had to buy it. I love Pacsun and Brandy clothes because they're so beachy and they make me so excited for spring and summer!

This is from Forever 21
This dress wasn't hanging right when I tried to take a picture so I just laid it on my bed haha
Anyway, I think this dress is so perfect! It's super flowy and I needed a dress that was a different color than black, red, or pink. Haha, blue is my favorite color so you would think I would have a lot of blue clothing, but usually I just don't really like how it looks on me. But I really love this dress and falls really nicely!

This is also from Forever 21
I really love this dress too! The back is super cute and open, but not to the point where you can't wear a bra. It looks more like a shift dress in the picture here, however it's a skater dress with a tighter waist, but that just wasn't transferring to the camera. Regardless, it's super cute and is perfect for spring!

Forever 21 as well!
Okay, I'm a sucker for cut off t-shirts with a big logo or writing on the front. The sides are actually completely open until the ties at the bottom, so I thought it would be really cute to throw over my swim suit. And I just think it is so cute haha I don't know what it is about these shirts.

Forever 21 again
So after I was done looking around in Forever 21, I saw this sleep shirt with these shorts that came with it:

I instantly fell in love! I love kitties (all other animals too) and my friends joke around with me about how much of a cat lady I am, so I had to get this because it is really true. And of course Perry had to get in on this picture.

This is from Tilly's
I am quickly developing an addiction to kimono cardigans! They are so pretty and I love how flowy they  are. I've also been eying this sucker for a while now, and there were only three left so I figured I should get one before they're all gone! I know there's going to be a lot I can wear this with.

So the last item is a book I've been wanting for a while! It's really cool because you literally wreck the book through crazy tasks (like taking the book into the shower, tearing out pieces of paper to make  a paper airplane) that eventually destroy it. I'm really excited to start it!

Well that's all that I got! It was so nice to have some much needed retail therapy after a really stressful time with school! And now I have some more clothes to wear for the spring.

What's your favorite item of clothing to wear for the spring?

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a great rest of your day! (:

Disclaimer: All items are mine that I bought with my own money.


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  2. Love everything you got! I want to try the Origins mask so much! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah you definitely should! It's so great to use after a long week.

  3. such a great hauls!! :) did you buy that origin charcoal mask online? i love to try that :D
    followed you by the way :) i find your blog so interesting :)

    1. No I actually get it from the Sephora at the mall where I live, but I know that you can order it online if it isn't in a store near you! (:
      Aw thank you so much! (:

  4. I LOVE IT !! I love your blog! is soooo chic!

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  5. I want to be in America right now we dont get a weeks holiday until two weeks time and my timetable i filled with exams :( But hope you have a nice time!

    1. Aw that's too bad!
      Yeah I actually live in America so I've just been spending my break doing basically nothing! Haha I wish I was going on a trip

  6. All these items are sooo pretty! I'm so obsessed with beachy/brandy-melville style clothing lately too. And hahahaha I love how your cat is in the picture with the "oh my gatos" tee!

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah I'm so glad a bunch of stores are starting to carry more beachy clothes!
      Hahaha he just got into my windowsill and I was like well it'll make for a perfect picture! Hahah he is so funny and nosy!

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