Wednesday, March 12, 2014

OOTD: Finally Getting Warm!

Hey guys!
So the sun is finally starting to shine around where I live, and the weather is warming up! I could not be happier since we actually had a pretty cold winter this year. So since it was sunny and warm today, I got to wear some new spring clothes that I got a couple weeks ago!

Shorts (I know, they look like a skirt)-Nordstrom
Headband-Forever 21
And I got the necklace as a gift, so I don't know where it's from, sorry! :/

I am in love with this outfit!! It will definitely be worn a lot this spring/summer. The cardigan is light but not too thin, it is seriously perfect. I actually got it from my mom yesterday! She surprised me with a Jamba Juice, Nerd ropes, and this cardigan! She is honestly the greatest mom - I was having such a bad day yesterday and I guess by mother's intuition she knew! I am so so so grateful to have her as my mom (:
Haha anyway, this outfit is super comfy and I love how everything comes together. And the cardigan will be great for summer nights so I can just throw it over whatever I'm wearing so I don't get cold (or eaten alive by bugs since I tend to get a lot of bug bites)! And for a bonus, my dogs and cats love playing with the tassels on the bottom.

Here's a better look at the cardigan

And, since it was such a nice day, I took a couple of pictures of my dogs while they were outside!
TJ loves to smell the camera
This was too cute not to include. He loves smiling!
Miki's pretty camera shy though!
Aaaand Z has to bark at everything.
A little duck playing in our creek (:
Hopefully I didn't bore you guys with my other pictures from today! Since it was so nice out I thought I would take a few quick snaps, and because I'm stoked for spring!!

What are you looking forward to the most for spring?

As always, thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a great day! (:


  1. this is such a lovely outfit! i love the cardigan<3
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  2. The cardigan looks great on you! You are so sweet honey! ^^
    btw. I love the warm weather, too~

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  3. How cute, Kendra! You look like you could be so ready for Coachella... I wanna go D:

    1. Thank you!
      Oh my gosh me too!! ): I checked tickets but they are so expensive and probably sold out by now...

  4. You look so lovely! I love the floral pattern and the cardigan is gorgeous! Oh, and your dogs are so super cute!

    1. Thank you!
      Aww thanks (: Haha I love them so much!

  5. Love those headband and short . ♥

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  7. Your dog looks very cute. I mean the first one.♥

  8. Hi Kendra, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. I am glad that you liked my blog. I am back here to follow your blog too. You are doing a good job. Keep it up :)