Monday, February 10, 2014

Prom Dress Lust List

Hey guys!
So prom of course isn't until May, but I really want to get my dress sooner rather than later so I'm not running around trying to find one a week before! Last year I got my dress when my family went to Florida over spring break, so I knew no one else would have the same dress. I want to order it online this year so it goes the same way! Haha I really want to have a unique dress that no one else has, since there isn't really a vast variety of dresses for prom in stores. So I thought I would share with you guys some of the dresses that I have found so far that I really like!

This is one of my favorites that I have found so far. Probably actually my number one as of now! I really want a bold red dress because I absolutely love the color red when it comes to special occasions, or if I want to stand out. I think it really makes a statement and would look nice against my pale skin.

I really love the cut and style of this dress! It reminds me of the typical Greek Goddess dresses haha. The color is also so pretty.

This one is so pretty. I love the top of it, and how it is a sweetheart neckline, but a little different. I don't know, maybe this one is my favorite...

These two are really similar, but I don't know if I like the one with the little jewel piece, or the one without. But looking at them side by side, I think I might like the one without it more.

 Blue is my favorite color, so of course I had to look at some blue ones. I don't really know if it would compliment my skin tone or hair color per se, but I thought this one was really pretty regardless. I love the cut of it and the ombre effect.

Here is a similar one, except in a deep purple color. I really love this dress surprisingly, since I don't really tend to go for purple clothing. However it might really make my green eyes pop and look really pretty against my skin and hair.

I absolutely love this color, I actually have a really similar color in an Essie nail polish, and I love this dress as well! The back is so gorgeous - I really like dresses that have interesting backs. And the detail in the front is also really pretty. I could definitely see myself in this dress!

It also came in yellow, which I thought was really pretty. I love the color yellow, and I have a shirt that's almost the exact same color that looks nice against my skin, so this dress might look nice on. And again, the detail on the front is so gorgeous.

So there is a little peak at what I have been pining over for prom! I hope to order my dress soon so I will let you guys know what dress I end up ordering (:

Which dress is your favorite? What color formal dress do you usually end up going for?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great rest of your day! (:

Disclaimer: None of these dresses are mine, and were found on various prom dress websites.


  1. I liked the second red dress, the 'typical Greek Goddess' one. It looks so good and I'm sure it'll look very beautiful on you!
    I'm always looking for black dresses or dark colours, I find them really smart but I'm thinking of choose a colourful one and it'll probably be purple because it's my favourite colour! But I'll try to look for a colour that matches with my skin tone! x

    1. Yeah that one is really pretty and not a classic prom dress, which I like.
      Dark colored dresses are so pretty in my opinion! Haha but I get what you mean about choosing a colorful one, especially for prom.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah there are actually a lot of good ones online, I was surprised!

  3. Oh yeahhh I want them all :-))))
    You have great Ideas and a interesting blog, I really like it!
    what you think, wanna follow each other?
    Just let me know, I would be happy :-)

    Kiss from Swiss, Kira

    1. Aw thank you!
      Yeah sure, I would love to!

    2. Thanks for your answer, I follow you know on gfc with pleasure,
      waiting for you :-)

      xoxo Kira

  4. Love these dresses.All of them look amazing:)
    Cute post :)

  5. Lovely choices and I love the second one, it's so elegant and classy!
    I hope you find your perfect dress and I know you'll love prom!

  6. Hey :) I love your blog so I nominated you for an award over on mine! x

  7. I would diffinatly go for the second one its really elegent and you'd look amazingly beautiful in that dress :)x Officially your 33th follower, keep us posted when you pick your dress :)


    1. Yeah I've really been leaning towards that one! I don't think a lot of people would have a dress like it. And thanks! (:
      I definitely will! I think I'm going shopping on Saturday to look at some dresses in person so I get a better idea of what color will look good (:
      Thank you so much for following! I will go check out your blog!

  8. wow! the purple one is beautiful! I would love to find something like that for my prom :)

    1. Yeah that one has really stuck in my mind! It's so unique and I don't think a lot of other people would have it haha. I hope you do! (:

  9. Omg I cant believe you guys in America have a prom every single we only have 1When we finish secondary school at 16! Such gorgeous dresses I love the bold red the 5th one is my fave as its quite simple but stunning hope you have an amazing prom darl I actually did a prom post froma a few months back! Beaut post doll hope you have an amazing prom! Xo

    1. Thank you so much! (: Aw that's too bad! We get to go twice since we can go our junior and senior (third and fourth) year of high school.

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