Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Favorites

Hey guys!
So it is finally February, and honestly, I'm so glad! January is always so dreary and gloomy, so hopefully February will be better. But I really can't believe we are in the second month of 2014 already...and there are just four months until I graduate high school! Really exciting times (:
But, back to the point of this post, I thought I would share what my favorites of January were because I actually had a couple this past month! 

 I of course have to start out with my Naked 3 palette! I got it for Christmas and I used it a lot in January! The colors are so pretty and they really compliment my skin tone since I have a lot of pink undertones. And the shadows are so nice and buttery, and combined with a good eyeshadow primer, they stay all day! I didn't show all the swatches because I figure by now there are tons and tons of posts about the Naked 3.

The next product is the Honey Baked Bronzing Powder in shade 02, fair matte, from the Body Shop. This bronzer is so amazing! It is really buttery and it looks so natural on. Since my skin is really fair, I have to be careful about getting bronzers that don't have the same undertones as my skin, but this one looks really great on! It gives my skin a nice glow without looking like I spread some Nutella below my cheekbones. They also have three other shades that are really pretty.

 Next up is the Almay Oil Free eye makeup remover. Before I got this product, I was using baby oil to remove my eye makeup, but I read on a couple of different websites that it actually isn't that good for your skin, especially the sensitive skin around your eyes. I also didn't like how it left such an oily residue on my skin. Since Almay is made especially for sensitive skin, I tend to lean towards them because I know it won't irritate my skin.
I have really been loving this so far! I put some on a little cotton pad and it takes off all of my eye makeup with a couple of swipes! Even mascara which makes me really happy because I hate taking off mascara. I used this makeup remover to take off all my eye makeup after Winter Formal, and I was very satisfied.

 I have actually been using this face wash for a long time now, but I have just recently started using it every night after I use a face wipe (the same brand and type as this face wash) to take off my BB cream. I have noticed that my skin has been really soft and it feels so much cleaner instead of only using a facial wipe! I really love Burt's Bees because they have so many sensitive skin options, they are all natural, and they don't test on animals. A win-win all around!

Now onto some non-beauty favorites...
 My parents got me this sweater for Christmas, and I have been wearing it non-stop! It is so comfortable and warm, and super easy to throw over anything to make it look like I actually made an effort instead of just throwing on a shirt and jeans. I also really love the pattern! I have really been into tribal prints lately.

I got this little guy at Forever 21 and I love it so much! I have been looking for a ring holder forever, and when I saw this one I was sold. I have always loved the ocean, so anything sea related, I'm game. This is also super nice to have because now I have a place for all of my rings! Before they were just scattered everywhere on top of my dresser in my closet and super easy to lose.

This is also my favorite ring that I bought this month. I really love jewelry that looks like branches, or leaves (really anything nature related) so I instantly fell in love with this one! Haha, I was actually talking to one of my friends earlier this month that this is how I want my wedding ring to look like.

    I got this candle for sale at Bath&Body Works and it smells so yummy! It's the perfect spring scent and it really goes with the other decor and color scheme of my desk. It's just a really good candle for a nice post-January blues pick-me-up! (what a mouthful)

 I got these curtains for Christmas as well, and I love them so much! Before I just had plain white ones, but these really pull my room together. I also have a set on another window in my room, but the lighting looked really weird in the picture so I couldn't take a picture of them haha.

A closer look at the pattern.

 I also have fairy lights in them! I have always had them in my curtains so I was glad they worked with these ones as well (: They just make me so happy and I love they way they look at night.

 I also got matching pillows for Christmas to put on my couch, and I adore them. I loved my room before, but now everything really comes together!

Well that's it for my January favorites! I'm so glad to be entering a new month and I hope it's a really great one for you!

What were your favorites for January? And what are you looking forward to in February?

Thanks so much for reading and have a great rest of your day! (:


  1. I got the Naked3 for Christmas too and I LOVE it! And ooo that ring holder is so adorable. Haha I think I need some kind of jewelry organizer since all my necklaces are just tangled together right now -___________-

    1. Yeah it's so amazing! Haha thanks! (:
      Oh my gosh, I know right! I love jewelry so much but it all gets so tangled up!!

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    1. Yeah they're great!
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  3. I love the Burts Bees facial cleanser :)
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    Sarah xx

    1. Yeah they are so great! (:
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  6. great favorites! I reaaaaly want that Body Shop bronzer now! It sounds amazing and even looks amazing! Also, Gelato ice cream?! I need to smell this, that sounds amazing!!

    1. Yeah it's really great!
      Oh my gosh it seriously is! Haha even when it's not burning it smells so good!

  7. A candle that smells like ice-cream? That must be heaven!! Just like that Naked 3 palette, you got me jealous haha:) x Wieteke
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  10. you are so lucky to have Naked 3 palette :)

    1. Yeah I was super thankful when I got it for Christmas!