Friday, August 9, 2013

My Favorite Quotes

     Hello everyone! So tonight I was planning on posting a review of a concealer I recently bought, but (as usual) it's taking so long to download the pictures. Consequently, tomorrow, I will have to try and take some more pictures of the actual product with a different camera and see how that goes...
 But I still wanted to post tonight, so I decided to share my favorite quotes! I actually have a bunch of quotes around my mirror so that inspired me to share some of them with you guys. 

I really love this quote - it really resonated with me when I first heard it. I'm always really nervous about trying new things (like starting this blog!) so I find this quote really reassuring. Who knows where life will take you! Never be afraid to fulfill your wildest dreams because you'll probably end up in a great place, even if it's not where you thought it would be!

I think this quote is so great because it kind of sums up the whole Feminist Movement and the breaking of the "Cult of Domesticity" here in America in the early-mid 1900s (haha sorry to spew a bunch of history - I took a really hard American History class this past year, and that was one of our last units, so it's still in my head). It's really inspiring too because it shows women can do great things when we speak up for what we believe in!

This quote is so inspiring because we as humans are so afraid of failure, so if that component was taken out of the life experience, imagine how many dreams people would fulfill everyday! I imagine there would be many more dare devils out there! I think the world would be a happier place as well if not so many people were afraid of failure. I have definitely struggled with that fear! I think we all have; it's such a scary thing putting yourself out there with the knowledge that you could fail. But I think this quote and the first one go together so well, because if you attempt to do something great, and you don't completely succeed, it doesn't mean you'll end up in a horrific place.

Haha, sorry if some of you really hate all of this inspirational talk. I really didn't mean to bore you guys, but it's fun to talk about what inspires me to work toward my dreams!

Which quotes inspire you? And, what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
Have a great day! (:


  1. Hi! love the quotes. Specially the first one.
    I have 2 quotes I love
    Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable

    In life, unlike chess, the game continues after check mate.

    However I have many many other quotes but from songs
    Hope u liked them

    new post - nuevo post

    1. The first one is really cool! It reminds me (super nerdy I know haha) of Harry Potter when Luna uses the term "Exceptionally Ordinary". Haha just me?
      And the second one is great too! I like how they both make you think (:

    2. You know, Exceptionally Ordinary would be a great Blog Name, don't you think? Sorry if I'm bugging you with comments haha!

    3. I was seriously thinking about calling my blog that! It's always been a saying that has stuck with me and I thought that as well! It would be so cute.
      Haha and no it's totally fine! (:

  2. I love your inspirational quotes! It sure gives me a pick me up! Great way to start the weekend! Thanks!


    1. Glad I helped! (:
      I really like your blog and style!

  3. I love these quotes especially the Marilyn Monroe one :) I like this quote 'whoever said money can't buy happiness doesn't know where to shop' although it's not very inspirational, just a bit funny!
    Jenny x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. Haha yeah I've heard that one before! I think it's funny because it's pretty true! Shopping can always be a great pick-me-up (:

  4. I completely agree with what you said in the last one. Whenever I'm doing quizzes with my friends, I often have a gut instinct for what it could be but I never feel like I can speak out because I think I'm being silly and will fail. It annoys me so much when I realise that if I'd have just listen to my gut, I could've done something good for the team! Haha! Not a great example but still relevant to my life nevertheless.

    Great post!

    1. I totally get what you're saying! Haha I always get that feeling in class as well, and psyche myself out of sharing my answer or saying what I think. It can be quite annoying!

      Glad you liked it! (:

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