Thursday, August 1, 2013

Finally, Senior Photos!

       As promised, this post contains my senior photos! We finally got them back from the photographer and I'm really happy with them! I have seven of them to share, as that is all she gave us for online use. We got our chosen prints today and they look great! So, here we go!

This one was taken with my Jeep that I adore (:

Okay, I cannot explain how hard it was at first to take a picture with a straight face! I definitely struggled.

This is our neighbor's horse Bella (: She is a sweetheart! I love horses so much. When I was little, I had a sweater with a big ol' horse head on it. Needless to say, my mom had to wash it a lot because I wanted to wear it all the time! I was a weird kid.

I really love this one, as you guys can probably tell, because I have made it my profile picture for pretty much everything!

This one is also one of my favorites! I love the reflection in the pond.

Okay, so this is probably a pose I would never do, but the photographer said it would look cute with my shoes and my dress, and I have to agree--now that I see the result! I love these shoes so much, which is odd, because I've never been the kind of girl who loves high heels. Boots, yes, but heels, definitely no. They are Steve Maddens and I believe I got them at Macy's. This is actually my winter formal dress that I got from Nordstrom as well! 

I really like this one as well! But let me tell you, it was not comfortable laying there, because it sloped toward the creek and there were tons of rocks and twigs. And we didn't really have time to move them, because the sun was moving really quickly and the light was fading. I don't know, I'm not a photographer, so I just listened, lied down, and smiled!

       Well that is all of the online ones! There are definitely some that I wish I could share with you guys because you can see the beautiful scenery, like the ones she took of me in the creek. I'm really more of an outdoorsy girl so I was in heaven just being able to hang out by our creek and take pictures! 
       Sorry if I totally bored you guys just looking at my photos! I really wanted to share them, though, because I had such a great time! Anyway, I hope you guys have a great day! (:

Oh, and also a side note, what other posts would you guys like to see? Let me know, I'm happy to do them! (:


  1. I loved this post! The photos are beautiful - as are you! I think the fourth picture is my favourite. Is this just something that your family do or does everyone do it where you're from?

    1. Thank you so much! (:
      Yeah, here in the states everyone gets their senior photos done for school, and then we get to have "special" pictures in the yearbook haha. So our pictures are bigger and we get to choose which one actually goes in the yearbook because it's our last year of high school and everything (:

    2. Oh wow that's a really good idea! They all look lovely! Which one are you choosing to go in?

    3. Yeah it's a really cool because it means your finally a senior haha! And thank you! I think I'm going to choose the fourth one (:

    4. Good choice ;) Wish we did that!

  2. All the pictures are great!!!


  3. The photos look great! I think the fourth picture is my favourite
    Shelley x

  4. gorgeous photos!! we never got to do senior photoshoots at my high school ):

    Natalie | Salt & Sail