Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Turn!

       So yesterday I had my senior picture photo shoot! It was a lot fun. We went down to a creek that goes through my family and neighbor's property and took some pretty pictures. We also went up to my neighbors barn/pasture to take pictures with their horses! It was a lot of fun, especially since I love horses. We also took pictures of me with my jeep! That was awesome, I absolutely love my jeep.
       I just can't believe that I had my senior pictures done; I'm the youngest in my family so it is so surreal that it's finally my turn to go through my senior year of high school. I remember when my brother was a senior and I just couldn't believe it - I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now that it's my turn, I just can't wait to be done with high school!
       I plan on posting some pictures once the photographer (a family friend of ours, she's super sweet and is fantastic at what she does) hands the photos over to us. So stay tuned! I'm super excited to see how they turned out, and I love the outfits I wore. It was also a really nice day, so it couldn't have gotten any better. Unless of course Taylor Lautner or Jack and Finn Harries showed up ;)
       And tomorrow I am going to my really great friend's, more of an older sister, last wedding dress fitting before her wedding! I am her Maid of Honor, and her wedding is July 27th! I am so excited, but also a little sad because she's moving after her wedding. But she is transferring to a great college with her fiance so I'm really happy for her! We'll still be able to talk on the phone and text so it won't be too bad. But she's my neighbor as well so it'll be a little weird without seeing her everyday! Oh well, pretty soon, it will, yet again, be my turn to go off to college!