Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Alex Goot and Friends Concert!

       This Sunday, two of my best friends and I went to the Alex Goot and Friends concert! It was a blast and we got to meet everyone who performed! (Well, except for Alex Goot because you had to have a VIP pass which we did not have.) They all sang so well and were super nice when we got to meet them. Here are some pictures from the concert and meet and greet!

This is King the Kid. They are really great! You can check them out on YouTube here.

Landon Austin and Luke Conard went next! I love them both; they're such great singers. Check out Landon here and Luke here.

After Landon and Luke, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui performed. They were equally as awesome!





David from King the Kid!
I didn't get a picture with Jose and Ricky ): I wish I would've!
       I had such a great time! I want to thank all of these great singers for a fantastic show.  And they were all suuuuper nice when we met them! (:  You guys should check them out because they have great music and voices! 
       And I know, I know, I am wearing a super casual outfit, but I had just come from the gift opening of the wedding I was maid of honor for, so I didn't have time to put on something more concert-y. But I sure was comfortable! ;)
Do any of you guys listen to any of these artists/bands? If so who is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know!
Have a great day! (: 

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  1. Woah! It must have been so much fun. I once attended their concert that took place in an event space San Francisco with my girls and even we got a chance to click pictures with them. It was a wonderful night and was also my 20th birthday. Anyways, nice pictures. You look really good in here.