Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

Hey Guys!
I'm currently sitting in my bed right now, watching Harry Potter and eating a Nerd Rope. All the fairy lights are on and candles lit, so I am one happy bug. It's been such a nice Sunday today, just relaxing with my family and doing some cleaning around the house. Sundays are definitely my favorite day of the week!

Today I thought I would share a quote that I found a while back with you guys :)

I absolutely adore this quote. When I was younger, I always had such big dreams and plans for my life. Today, I still have dreams and plans, but sometimes it seems so scary planning my life because it is now so real. It was very easy when I was seven years old to say that someday I would be a famous author, or an archaeologist working in Egypt. Now I have to think about a career that will allow me to be successful and able to support myself, so it's easy to lose sight of what would make me truly happy.  When I saw this quote, I instantly fell in love. It really puts dreams in perspectives, and it is so true. If you aren't actively pursuing your own dreams, you are probably working to help support someone else's. While it is never a bad thing to help someone out, it is just as important to make your dreams come true. The world today doesn't encourage dream-making, but rather money-making, and I think it has resulted in a lot of unhappy people. My parents have always told me to do what I love, and to not worry about money. While this is a very admirable thing to do, the world today makes that a very hard task to achieve.
However, 2013 really taught me to do what I love. I have realized what I love to do, and maybe what careers I would like to have when I am older. I also learned what I don't like to do, which is actually really helpful to me now, so I know what not to study in college. Since 2014 is the year that I will graduate high school (what?!), I'm glad to have figured all that out in 2013. All in all, it was a good year because I learned a lot about myself, and about life in general. I am much more confident about someday moving out and living on my own, because I finally have confidence in myself. I feel like I have really broken out of my shell this past year, and I began to learn more about myself. I still have so much more to go, so I am really looking forward to 2014. I have a lot of goals that I am working to achieve, and I feel so ready. 2014 is going to be such a huge year; I am turning 18, graduating from high school, going to college, the list goes on and on. I am really hoping for a great year to come, and I think going into the new year with a good attitude is the best way to tackle it. So, I don't have any new years resolutions per se, but rather goals to accomplish and dreams to begin. I have started writing a book and I am excited to see where that will take me, and I plan to work on my blog a lot more. 
So, I hope you all had a good 2013, and I hope 2014 is even better!

What are your goals or resolutions for 2014?

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day! :)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

S'mores Dip!

Okay, I'm just going to start off by admitting that I have a slight addiction to anything related to s'mores, and, of course, s'mores themselves. They are just so delicious and remind me of great times with my family. So, when I saw the recipe for this s'mores dip, I couldn't resist. 
The ingredient list is quite short, and the whole process is really simple. 
You will need:

1 cup of chocolate chips (some recipes said to use milk chocolate chips, and others said to use dark or semisweet, but it really is up to your preference. I used semisweet because that's what we had)
2 tbs of milk
1 cup of mini marshmallows and 1/4 of a cup for sprinkling on top
Graham Crackers to dip into this delicious creation

Let's get to the steps!

 Add the chocolate chips, (1 cup) marshmallows, and milk to a medium saucepan and heat on a medium setting, stirring continuously.  Stir until it looks nice and creamy like this:

Next, poor the mixture into a small casserole dish. It helps to have a rubber spatula to scrape all of the chocolate from the side of the pan. Top the chocolate off with the remaining 1/4 cup of marshmallows.

And, of course, you gotta lick the spoon!

Put it in the broiler for about a minute, or until the marshmallows are golden brown.
Okay, how pretty is this?!

Now crack open your graham crackers and go to town with the dip!

I really can't explain how yummy this is. I knew I would really enjoy it, because I love everything s'mores, and my family loved it as well. With all of the holiday parties and Christmas Day celebrations, this is the perfect dessert! Everyone can just pop a graham cracker coated with this dip into their mouths, and they will be coming back over and over, trust me. I will definitely be making this on Christmas day since we're having Christmas at my family's house this year. But really, it's perfect for anything or anytime of the year!

Let me know if you guys have made this, or if you have had it before!

Have a great rest of your day, and thanks for reading! :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes

Hey guys!
So it has been a long time since I posted. I have, as always, been super busy! Finals are coming up, as I'm sure everyone is very aware of, and I have had a huge paper to write for one of my classes. Swim started back in November as well, so as soon as I get home and done with homework, I'm just about passed out. But I have a lot of posts that I am getting ready because I have had a lot of ideas lately! Probably because it's my absolute favorite time of the year! :) I love Christmas and this time of year because everything is so cozy, and you get to spend a lot of time with friends and family.
Anyway! Let's get onto the globes!
 I saw a picture of these on tumblr I think it was, and they looked really easy to make! So I looked them up, went to the craft store and got supplies. 
For this project you will need a Mason jar of any size, little fake trees, glitter (I got tinsel glitter - I would stick to the smaller glitter, as I first tried big flakes of glitter and that didn't turn out so well), and super glue. 
Alright, now for the steps.
1. Un-screw the lid of the mason jar, and separate the lid from the round metal piece:

2. Place however many trees you want (and that will fit) on the white part of the lid. Make sure the bases of the trees don't cover the orange part. Then glue them down! I let the glue dry over night to ensure it dried well enough, and that the trees would be secure.

3. Fill the mason jar up with water and place the lid on the jar. At this point, do not put the glitter in. The trees turn the water a hazy blue color, so allow them to sit in the water and get the extra coloring off. I did this for a couple of days, but after a day, no more color comes off, so you could change the water then.
This is one that I had let sit overnight.

4. Once all the blue coloring is off of the trees, pour out the hazy water and rinse off them off to ensure no more blue comes off. Put in as much glitter as you want, but don't go super crazy! I found that you need less glitter than you think. Fill the mason jar with water, leaving room for the water displacement of the trees, and put on the lid and screw on the metal part. I put super glue around the orange part on the lid to make sure it had a tight, waterproof seal. And instead of flipping it over right away, I allowed it to sit upright to let the glue dry.
Here's a picture with the "snow" shook up.
I think these snow globes are so cute, and I really love mason jars. I think I'm going to tie little pieces of twine around the base to add a little something extra. These little guys are great for decorations around the house, or for a Christmas gift! And they're a lot of fun to make!

Let me know if you guys make these, or have made them before! What other DIY projects do you like doing for the holidays? Or, what is your favorite part of this time of year?

Thanks for reading, and have a great rest of your day! (:

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask Review

Hey guys!
I know I have been MIA for about a my defense, I have been so crazy busy. School has been unbelievably hectic with homework and tests, and reading, and everything in between. Throw in college applications and I'm drowning! I turned in my first college app on the first, and it was so surreal...I can't believe in a year I'll be living somewhere else in a dorm!
Anyway, between all of that craziness, I have tried to set aside some time to cleanse my poor stressed out pores (see what I did there? I know, it was bad). I decided to try the Origins Clear Improvement mask with active charcoal to clear out pores. Especially because I used some foundation that was realllllly old. Like two years. I know. Even I'm shaking my head at myself. I was just way too busy to spend the time to go and buy new foundation, and I literally only use it for special occasions, which is maybe once every three months. I use BB cream for everyday wear, so I find it a waste of money to buy a whole bottle of foundation that I will rarely use. Long story short, I should've just stuck with BB cream. My face didn't break out, I rarely do since my skin is so dry (knock on wood!!) , but since it is super sensitive, I had little red dots on my face that were really annoying, and some have yet to go away. Just a quick note, lemon juice is supposed to get those pesky spots away!

And so, I decided to try this mask! I had heard really good things about it, and I have always wanted to try a face mask that looks like mud. I really don't know why.
 This mask seemed perfect, so I went to Sephora and got it! I bought the smaller tube since I hadn't tried it yet, and I didn't want to be stuck with a giant tube of a product I wouldn't use.

When you put some on your hand it looks like this (as you would probably expect)

The product goes on really easily, however it is easier to start out with a single, thick layer. The first time I put it on, I first put on a thin layer and was then going to put on a couple more layers, but when you put more product onto a pre-existing layer, the first layer comes off. If that makes any sense, it's hard to explain. So I ended up with too thin of a layer that dried in about five minutes, when you're supposed to have it on for 10-15 minutes. So just go crazy and slop on a thick layer!

You want it to look like this:

Not this:


Basically, once the mask has dried, it should feel like you have just had botox and can't make any facial expressions. I know, I look a little crazed in the first picture, but you really feel like you can't even smile. It isn't a bad feeling, your face is just very stiff!
When I first put the mask on, the mask felt almost minty. It feels very nice though! I put on a thick layer, and then I just hang out for 15 minutes to let it dry. After that, I rinse off the mask and put on face lotion. I'm telling you, my face feels amazing after I take the mask off! My skin is so soft and it feels so clean and refreshed. It also looks very vibrant! I give this face mask a full five stars and two thumbs up. I now use it every Sunday, as it's a great destresser and refresher for the long week ahead. I really recommend this mask for anyone! Trust me, my skin is super sensitive and this mask never harms it! It also reduces the size of pores and does indeed clear them out. However, don't expect instant results! It takes a couple of times for you to visually see pore reduction and reduction of blackheads. 
If you guys have used this mask, let me know what you think of it! And if this inspires you to use it tell me how you like it!
What is your favorite face mask? Do you use it regularly?
Have a great rest of your day! :) 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Favorite Music of the Moment: Pocketful of Poetry

Hey guys!
So I just had to do a quick post about one of my favorite artists, Mindy Gledhill. I have been a fan of hers for awhile, and she just came out with a new album called Pocketfull of Poetry. I am in love. I cannot explain how much of a musical genius this woman is! There isn't a song on the album that I don't like. Her music is so pure and lovely, and just great all around! Words really can't do it justice.
I'll leave a link to the actual song Pocketful of Poetry, but you guys should listen to the whole album! Trust me, if you like really sweet songs with great meaning, you will love this album!
I will be posting again soon, thanks for reading, and have a great day! (:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Fashion!

Hey guys! So I have already told you all, fall is one of my favorite seasons! I had a mini pumpkin cupcake at my mom's bakery today, and it made me so happy and it was pretty much the greatest thing all day. Fall has definitely arrived in my neck of the woods! All the trees are turning yellow and orange, and they're so gorgeous (:
Anyway, today I am going to share what I have been wearing for the fall season! I have really been loving dark colors like deep red, maroon, and forest green. I just got maroon tights that I have a slight obsession with...
So here they are!
  • Military Jacket from Nordstrom
  • Purple sweater from Forever 21
  • Jeans from American Eagle      
  • All Star Converses                         
I really love this military jacket; it isn't too thick but it still provides a lot of warmth and is really cute at the same time! It is also just thin enough that I can layer it with other sweaters.      
Here is another way I wore it!
  • Gray sweater: Nordstrom
  • Jeans: American Eagle    
  • Ugg boots: Nordstrom      
 I also wanted to include this picture because I never do anything with my hair; I usually let it dry naturally but I was apparently feeling inspired that day (: So nice hair it was! And the fact that it takes 45 minutes to curl my hair is very off putting...
Some more Comfy/Casual looks...
  • Scarf: I actually crocheted it myself! Crocheting is a secret obsession of mine...
  • Sweater: Nordstrom                                                             
  • Leggings: Nordstrom                                                            
  • Uggs: Nordstrom                                                                    
I know, I got all of these items at Nordstrom, but I bought a bunch of fall clothes there about a month ago because I had a Nordstrom Note, and I went a little crazy...I really love their clothes...

  • Sweater: Nordstrom (this is seriously on of the comfiest sweaters ever)
  • Shirt: Nordstrom
An outfit like this is so great for days where you want to look cute but also be comfy. 
Also, this picture features my jeep (affectionately called El Jepe, I really don't know why) in the background (:

One of my current obsessions...SKATER SKIRTS! 
I seriously love them.
  • Crop sweater: Nordstrom       
  • Gray skater skirt: Nordstrom   
  • Maroon tights: Pacsun            
  • Steve Maddon Boots: Macy's
I am in love right now with skater skirts! I really love this outfit in general; it's super comfy and the skirt is so fun to wear.

Here is this outfit with black tights, no socks and a different necklace. Also with my hair curled! 
I wore this to a job shadow at Fox Studios! I had a blast and did it with one of my best friends who also took all of these pictures for me (: I will give a link to her blog at the end of the post!

  • Sweater: Nordstrom  
  • Skirt: Nordstrom          
  • Neckalce: Forever 21
I really love this outfit as well! This sweater is incredibly soft. And the back is amazing! I'm enamored by it.

Isn't it super cool?! It was love at first sight.

Another way I wore this sweater! And also another skater skirt!! This one is from H&M.

  • Jean jacket: Macy's
  • Dress: Forever 21
  • Necklace: Forever 21
When I first saw this dress, I instantly fell in love. It is so flowy and really comfortable to wear. I just thought it had a really cool pattern; inside the crosses there is a floral pattern that I adore. It also has a sweetheart neckline trimmed with fake leather! I thought it was just really cool overall.

Well that is all of the outfits I have put together so far! I am so excited for the fall and winter because it means comfy sweater weather and big chunky scarves (: I am definitely one happy bee!
Also, a great big thanks to one of my bestest friends, Joycie, for taking all of these pictures! You can check out her blog here.

What was your favorite outfit? And what is your favorite thing to wear during fall?
Thanks for reading, have a great rest of your day! (:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Busy, Busy Bee

Ahhhh, hello everyone. I know I haven't posted in a million trillion years, and I'm very sorry. School has kept me extremely busy, as it is my senior year. (Finally, my last year of high school!) This month has really flown by!  My mom's bakery has also kept me preoccupied, and it was just her birthday so my dad and I had to scramble to get something together for her. I feel like I have been swept up in a tornado and am now getting my bearings back.
I do, however, have a lot of posts planned! I want to do a fall series, as it is one of my favorite times of the year (: It is currently raining, and I'm in my room in super comfy clothes and I am quite happy. Needless to say, I'm so excited for Fall and have a lot of my favorite things to share about this season, like fashion and cute little decorations.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick little update post and let you guys know that I am still alive! I'm really going to try and post at least twice a week so we will see how that goes!

What are your favorite things about fall?

Bye for now! Have a great day (:

Sunday, September 1, 2013

DIY: T-Shirt Cutting

Hey guys!
So a few weeks ago I cut an over-sized T-shirt to make it a cute tank top! I actually made the T-shirt myself (well I put the quote on it, I didn't actually sew it together or anything) but wanted it to be a tank top. So I decided to cut it! I have a tank top that's a very similar shape and I love it because it's really versatile; I definitely wanted this T-shirt to look the same!

T-shirt before I cut it

I made the stencil using my Cricut machine. As you can see, the paint bled through the lines, but I actually like how it did that! The awkward little dot was supposed to be a star. I know, it really doesn't look anything like one, but oh well.

I used these dye's to make the quotes.
For the dye, I first mixed the blue and green (using more blue) and lightened the resulting color with white. I painted it on the shirt, let it dry over night, and bada bing it was done.

For the cutting, I first cut off the sleeves. But I turned it inside out first so I could see the seems better, cutting on the inside of the seems so they were no longer part of the shirt. It provided a helpful guideline so it was even on both sides.

Next, I turned it outside in again, and cut off about four inches or so from the bottom.

Tip: about halfway through cutting the bottom, I folded the already-cut part over the other side, so the line was straight and even all the way across.

Then I cut the thick collar part off so the tank top would be more relaxed looking.

 As you can see, I did the same thing here as I did with the bottom; about halfway through I folded the cut side over the other one, so the curve was the same all the way across.

After that, I was done!

I'm really happy with how it turned out!

And, of course, I had to throw in some pictures of Angel and Perry "helping."

Haha, I caught her mid-blink I think

Hope you guys like how the tank top turned out! It wasn't too difficult, but I thought it would be nice just to give you guys some of the little tips that I used to ensure even cuts.

Have you ever cut T-shirts to make tank tops? How did they turn out?

Have a great day! (:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

25 Facts About Me

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in so long! My mom is opening a bakery - well, just opened today - so my life has been absolute insanity. I feel like I haven't even had time to breath! Since I haven't posted in a little while, I decided to do a more personal post, especially since I haven't had my blog for a super long time. I thought this would be a great way for you to get to know me a little bit better! (: 
So here goes!

1. I love animals - probably because I have grown up around them. We have a lot of animals; to be exact, four cats, three dogs, and a ton of fish. That may not sound like a lot but we have a Saint Bernard that weighs 175 pounds and two Akitas coming in at around 100 pounds. So it seems like we have twelve when we only have three!

We call him "Z" because he has a white Z on his back!

Always barking! But so sweet (:

This is little miss Miki on Christmas morning

Al, one of our cats, is by her paw.
This is TJ. He's my dog, I just adore him (:

They do actually love each other ;)

I just adore them! (:

My kitty, Angel. I've had her since I was seven and I adore her as well (:

And finally, our newest addition, Perry! He's so precious (:
(We also have another cat called Mama Kitty, but she is an outside cat for the most part so it was hard to find a decent picture of her. She's very sweet and adopted us when she had a litter of kittens. Al is actually one of her kittens that we decided to keep!)

2. I love to read. You will most likely always find me with a book of some sort.

3. Consequently, I also love to write. It has really become a passion of mine.

4. I absolutely love milk, but last December I found out I am allergic. It isn't a horrible allergy, I just can't have it first thing in the morning or on an empty stomach, and I can't really have more than a glass a day. I was so sad when I found out.

5. Speaking of allergies, I am also allergic to wheat, egg whites, ibuprofen, pine trees, band-aids, neosporin...basically life. Haha I lead a life filled with daily allergy pills.

6. I have endometriosis; it's hard to explain but it basically means my body produces too much tissue in my uterus, which causes a lot of pain. I pretty much inherited all of my family's health issues haha.

7. I have a slight addiction to Jamba Juice - the employees at the store I always go to know my name and order. Their smoothies are just so delicious. If you guys ever go there you should order the Orange-a-Peel. I know, it sounds weird, but it's amazing.

8. I lived in Tennessee when I was little. My mom is actually from there, and we had to help my grandma when she fell and broke her hip. I picked up a heavy southern accent, because I basically learned how to talk when we lived there. I still say some words the "southern" way, especially since my mom says them that way.

9. I love classic cars; I grew up around them and learning all about them because my dad loves them a lot. It's a good thing we live on acreage, because we have about 15 project cars that he wants to finish.

10. My favorite color is blue.

11. My dad used to race cars.

12. My favorite numbers are 3 and 87; my dad's racing number backwards.

13. When I eat pizza (which isn't too often, as a have to take a "Gluten Ease" pill to eat wheat) I scrape everything off of it and just eat the crust. It just tastes better to me.

13. I don't like putting milk on my cereal because soggy cereal is disgusting to me.

14. I love flowers; my favorites are Daisies and Gerber Daisies. 

15. I love to draw and paint. 

16. My favorite things to draw are flowers and animals. I think drawing realistic pictures are so cool and it's really relaxing for me.

17. I play the viola.

18. I am a swimmer.

19. I danced for about eight years. I still really love dance and take classes every now and then. 

20. I don't know what I want to do with my life and it scares me sometimes.

21. I am obsessed with Harry Potter. During spring break, we went to Universal Studios in Florida and I got to go to Harry Potter World. It's the best vacation I've had! 

22. I have an older brother who just turned 22.

23. I've never actually seen The Notebook all the way through; I've seen bits and pieces, but haven't watched it in it's entirety.

24. I've always thought it would be so much fun to work as a Disney Princess at Disneyland. I love Disney movies so much!

25. I still have my baby blanket and sleep with it to this day.

Well, there you go! 25 facts about me; I hope I didn't bore you guys to sleep! And hopefully you guys don't mind all of the pictures of my babies (: Haha, if you were to look through all of my phone pictures, 95% of them would be of my dogs and cats!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

What's something interesting about you?

Have a great day! (:

Monday, August 12, 2013

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer Review

Hello everyone!  Today I am finally putting up this review! I have been planning on doing it for weeks now, so I'm excited to get it up! (:

I have always struggled with finding a concealer I like; I have gone through countless products and have never truly been satisfied. I have pretty bad dark circles, it runs in the family, and creases under my eyes, so it has been a long and brutal (okay, I'm exaggerating, but it has been pretty hard) journey trying to find a concealer that I am satisfied with. 
 After trying many different products, I decided to ask one of the makeup artists at Sephora for her opinion, and she suggested the Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer. 

 Yes, it is on the more expensive side (it costs $32), but I have tried everything under the sun, so I decided to splurge a bit. She also said that one tube has lasted her two years, and if I wasn't satisfied I could bring the tube back anytime. I was sold. 
 Now, after using it, I understand how it has lasted her two years! You only need to use a little dot size (I use about the size of a Q-Tip head) to fully cover dark circles. I love that fact because I don't wear a lot of makeup- just some BB cream for protection against the sun and this concealer, so I don't look like a zombie.

I have it in the lightest shade, and I believe it's called "Pink Porcelain." It does come in a really large range of colors as well. The color I have doesn't have a yellow tinge, which is great for me because yellow-y concealers tend to look terrible on my skin. I have a very pink undertone, so this color is perfect.  It also goes on smoothly and blends in really well.

                       Before:                                                                                       After

As you can see, the concealer really brightens up underneath my eyes. It doesn't cake up and lasts all day; it's really a great product! 
And sorry I look so mean in the "after" picture, haha it's so hard for me to keep a straight face, so I oftentimes concentrate too hard!

Here is a happier picture (: I just wanted to have a picture with a straight face so you guys could see the comparison.
 All in all, I love this concealer, and really recommend it, especially if you have struggled with trying to find a great product to cover up underneath your eyes, or any blemishes you might have. It is my new favorite concealer!

-Range of colors
-Goes on smoothly
-Doesn't cake
-Lasts all day
-Covers dark circles (and blemishes) completely

-On the more expensive side (but worth every penny!)

Have you ever tried this product? If so, how have you liked it? If not, what is your favorite concealer?

Have a great day! (: